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    Gobernador Balarezo 9750

    Col. América

    22044 Tijuana, Baja California




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    • Foto de Lani M.
      Lani M.
      San Diego, Estados Unidos
      14 may 2023

      Wasn't as good as I remembered it years ago. It's like a Mexican Denny's. Many different food options. So it's great for groups or ppl who want a variety. The cocina is located in middle of restaurant so you can see them cooking in action. Service is good. Can't complain. Prices are fairly cheap. You take your receipt & pay at the counter. They also have their own private lot. It can get busy. I'd come here again when I'm not in the mood to try something new or can't decide where I want to eat.

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    • Foto de Dani E.
      Dani E.
      Chula Vista, Estados Unidos
      22 ene 2024

      Vengo mucho a desayunar aquí con mi familia, es muy cómodo, rápido y me siento en casa cuando estoy aquí. La comida es muy rica, tiene buen sazón. La milanesa con espagueti (creo que es especial del lunes) está buenísima. Son muy amables y atentos, buen servicio.

      Chuletas de puerco ahumadas (en el asador)
      Sopes de pollo con chicharrón a un lado.
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    • Foto de Ann P.
      Ann P.
      San Diego, Estados Unidos
      18 may 2022

      By far the best place to eat here in TJ! This is my second time here and I'm not disappointed at all!!! The soups are yummy la de fideos and corn....
      anything in the menu looks good, today we had the 3 tacos dorados shown in pics and it comes with a side soup. The bf got the carne de puerco en salsa verde and the noodle soup!

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    • Foto de Ricardo L.
      Ricardo L.
      Xoco, Ciudad de México, México
      4 nov 2023

      Llevo años desayunando, comiendo y cenando en este restaurante, todo esta riquísimo, el menudo con sus tortillas hechas a mano, sus chilaquiles granatinados, la barbacoa, excelente servicio de todos pero sobre todo la Sra Martha (mesera ) es mi preferida

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    • Foto de Lucy D.
      Lucy D.
      San Diego, Estados Unidos
      3 jun 2022

      First visit to this restaurant was approximately 25 years ago, I recall the food and service as one of the best in Tijuana, food tasted as though my abuelitas had been cooking all day, the hand made corn tortillas were perfection, and the wait staff made us feel like family. Now that I'm married and once again living in Tijuana, I wanted my spouse to try this unforgettable restaurant.

      We arrived around 4 pm on a Tuesday, the dining room is slightly different than I remember, a lot less tables with ample room between each dining party (Covid precautions). We ordered albóndigas and picadillo, each of which were exceptional. The tortillas are just as I remember, beyond-words-delicious! He order the consomé and I went with the cream corn soup (dinner plates include a soup option), the consomé and corn soup were quite honestly...chefs kiss!!! After our meals we split one of the rice puddings, again each meal comes with a dessert, but we were stuffed and I took mine to go. All in all, the meal was everything I had hoped for and my husband was pleasantly content. We look forward to returning to Restaurante Mexicano the next time we're craving home cooked, grandma style food. Highly recommend this restaurant to any all lovers of Mexican food!!!

      Sorry no pics this time, we were completely overwhelmed with the deliciousness of our food that neither one of us could wait to dig-in.

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    • Foto de Alex S.
      Alex S.
      Lindon, Estados Unidos
      2 dic 2022

      Decent place not the best but good Flavors and quality!!
      Not bad prices either if you are hungry they will do the job Good menudo and caldo de res !!
      Come with confidence!!
      They always deliver!!

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    • Foto de Mirna R.
      Mirna R.
      Carlsbad, Estados Unidos
      5 sept 2022

      Mi reseña es solo en el "chile en nogada" de temporada.
      Cómo poblana sabiendo lo que es esperar con ansia el mes de septiembre para poder disfrutar una delicia a base de chile, salsa de nuez y un picadillo con frutas. Es bastante triste comer esta versión de "chile en nogada". Me invade la decepción. Arruinaron mi apetito y tire mi dinero.
      Menos mal la crema de elote con calabaza que incluye el paquete estaba muy rica.
      Si nunca los has probado , te recomiendo No los comas aquí. Te llevarás una Muy mala idea de lo que es un chile en nogada.

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    • Foto de Arturo M.
      Arturo M.
      San Diego, Estados Unidos
      8 nov 2022

      Delisioso!!!! Traditional food from various parts of Mexico. Like Grandma makes! Just found about this great place and I can't wait to come back!!

      Caldo de Res
      Enchiladas Suiza
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    • Foto de Steven C.
      Steven C.
      Tijuana, México
      17 dic 2022

      I've been going to this Mexican restaurant for 11 years of food is delicious it's very traditional the parking ZEZE just don't forget to leave a 20% tip.

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    • Foto de Robert Y.
      Robert Y.
      Rosarito, México
      19 jul 2023

      Muy sabroso. Amable meseros. Bonita lugar.

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